Court Interpreter – Certification Process

The Society of Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia has the sole authority to give the designation of “Certified Court Interpreter” to an Aquinas graduate or any person who has passed an examination in his language of proficiency or by the “On Dossier:” process.  The examination is administered and adjudicated on a national basis by CTTIC.  See www.stibc.org.

Getting certified is a process that takes time and requires both an accumulation of work hours and written examinations.  Our first step in this process is to start working and gain experience.

The Court Services Branch of the BC Ministry of Attorney-General, the Court Administration Services of the Canadian Federal Government, the Alberta Provincial Courts, the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development, and legal firms accept the Aquinas Court-Judicial-Legal Interpreter Training Program™ as a premier preparatory program that consistently produces professional and capable legal interpreters.  Whenever there were no certified court interpreters available, these clients asked if the interpreters we were sending to them were trained by Aquinas.

Our training helps you get working by demonstrating to employers that you are trained and ready to succeed.  Most importantly, you will feel confident and prepared while executing your duties and that confidence will help you obtain certification.